Releasing Your Spine with the P500

Want to look and feel your best? Well we can help!

When you are at Inspiring Motion Laguna laying on your little red P500 ball doing your wonderful ‘Sacrum Massage’ and achieving your neutral spine – have you ever wondered what your sacrum is? Well it’s a large triangular bone at the base of the lower spine. Its broad upper part joins the lowest lumbar vertebrae and its narrow lower part joins the coccyx or “tail bone”. The sacrum is wedged between the coxal bones of the pelvis and the sides are connected to the iliums (the largest bones forming the pelvis) The five vertebrae that make up the sacrum are separated in early life, but gradually become fused together between the eighteenth and thirtieth years – get the picture? (When I do my sacrum massage I am actually wondering what my tail might look like if I had one! I think it would be very long and curl at the end! What might yours look like? – Ed.)

We look forward to seeing you soon.
To your health!
Your team at Inspiring Motion Laguna

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