Upon crossing our threshold you will notice immediately that while we may have some familiar equipment, we are not just a Pilates studio. What we are is a multidisciplinary personalized service, rich with resources, solely dedicated to your health and growth needs.

Joseph H. Pilates introduced his method of body conditioning to the United States in the 1920’s. His unique exercises harmoniously balance and condition all muscles of the body. The exercises focus on breath and postural alignment to achieve more flexible joints and core musculature strength. His motto was, “It is the mind that shapes the body.”

For years Pilates was hidden in the dance world. Dancers are among the most agile and fit athletes. They recognized the benefits of the Pilates method through improved conditioning and injury prevention. In the last 20 years the popularity of Pilates has exploded. Today, five million Americans practice Pilates, and the numbers are growing.  Devotees include dancers, athletes, physiotherapists, fitness trainers, health care providers and other professionals who appreciate the significant role the Pilates methodology plays in restoring and maintaining good health.

All our teacher consultants are certified and meet stringent continued education requirements. Each client will be given an individualized program which progresses with them.  At Inspiring Motion Laguna we are committed to helping you attain your personal health and wellness goals.

Feel free to call us to visit our studio.  We would love to introduce you to Jennine, Jennifer, Anita, or Vicki, our Certified and highly accredited teachers.  To book your session, please call  (949)283-1055 or you can book online.

GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® principles were developed by Juliu Horvath a former professional dancer. These principles form the foundation for this fluid approach to maintaining health and well-being.

The principles have also succeeded in repairing bodily injuries which so many of our clients attend Inspiring Motion Laguna to address. Utilizing a pulley system GYROTONIC® machines work muscles and joints through their entire range of motion providing our clients with a balance of flexibility and strength, breath-movement coordination, core strength, and mind-body connectivity. Anyone can perform GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® methodologies regardless of age.

Please call us to visit our studio and experience the GYROTONIC® tower first hand, or call us to introduce you to Jennine, Jennifer or Vicki, our professional GYROTONIC® teachers at (949)283-1055.

BODYFIX METHOD®                                                                                                                     Bodyfix Method® is an integrative system of simple, prescriptive exercises offering relief from chronic pain.  People who have tried everything else without success, from drugs to surgery, will find permanent relief with the Bodyfix Method® program of therapeutic exercises.


  • Postural Assessment
  • Gait Analysis
  • Range of Motion Assessments
  • Prescribed Therapeutic Exercise
  • Fascial Release
  • Muscle Activation Technique


  • A comprehensive postural assessment and alignment photos
  • Hands-on fascial release, muscle activation technique and/or other physical     adjustments
  • A personalized at-home program of therapeutic exercises.


Migraines….TMJ Disorders…Neck Pain…Herniated Discs…Degenerative Disc Disease… Excessive Kyphosis/Lordosis…Rotator Cuff Injuries…Back Pain…Scoliosis…Spinal Stenosis. Sciatica…Carpal Tunnel Syndrome…Arthritis/Osteoarthritis…Buristis of Should, Hip & Knee…Knee Pain…Joint Pain…Foot and Ankle Pain…Plantar Fasciitis…Sports Injuries… Musculoskeletal Pain…Neurological Disorders…Chronic Pain Conditions

Each subsequent follow-up BodyFix Method® session will include a progress assessment of your postural alignment since your last visit, hands-on assists, and an updated personalized at-home program of therapeutic exercises after each visit.  Each session and exercise program will evolve with your progress.  Please call our studio to book a BodyFix Method® session with Anita Goodkind at (949)283-1055.



INSPIRING MOTION LAGUNA – The heart of health located in Boat Canyon Shopping Center in North Laguna.



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